Connect engage grow

Because being active online today is essential...

As a savvy, informed and passionate business owner we know you appreciate the relevance of making sure your business is intelligently using the marketing opportunities available to it.

But sometimes that's easier said than done and that's where BFound steps in. We offer small businesses and towns simple, measurable and cost effective resources to harness those opportunities.

We achieve this by doing two complex things very well...

We offer simple digital marketing solutions for (small) business owners We create engaging experiences for visitors (tourism)

The most obvious benefit of our technology is to seamlessly connect visitors to places they’re briefly passing through as intimately as if they lived there. Visitors crave that connection. We deliver it effortlessly.

Our platform is being successfully used by businesses and tourism bodies in an ever growing number of villages, towns and suburbs across the Western Cape - increasing both their local and tourist trade.

Book an appointment with us so we can give you an overview of our products and tailor a solution to best fit your needs.