Our customers consist of diverse range of audiences that we mainly categorise under places to sleep, places to eat, places to play, while waiting and tourism bodies...

In Action Overview

Although our customers trade across a diverse range of businesses, our product sets provide elegant, cost effective solutions for each one.

Regardless of whether you want to build your customer database, communicate with customers regularly via newsletters or just better manage your internet connection while utilising it as an effective marketing tool, we have you covered.

No matter which category your business falls under, we have a product suitable for your specialised needs.

Places to Sleep

From smaller establishments offering single room accommodation through to establishments operating on a larger scale with accommodation spread over wide areas, we can keep your customers connected and entertained

Places to Eat

Whether you're a local coffee shop offering a weekly special, or part of a widespread chain running differing daily specials each mealtime, we can keep your customers up to date with your current offerings

Places to Play

Antique shops, boardrooms, museums, horse riding activities - no matter how diverse the range, we make it easy for your visitors to share their activities and provide your business with the opportunity to generate ongoing exposure to your products. Think about being about being able to expose customers to more of what your business does (up-sell), adding them to monthly newsletters or driving your online sales.

While Waiting

Medical waiting rooms, supermarket queues, reception areas - wherever you have customers waiting for service you have a captive audience waiting to be entertained. We can help your business to take full advantage of this marketing and PR opportunity and at the same time keep your customers happily occupied during their wait.

Tourism Bodies

Regardless of the size of your tourism office, you want every visitor to your special corner of the world to leave with a wealth of relevant information, memorable experiences and a desire to come back and do what they didn’t have time to do on this visit. We can make that possible.