Places to Sleep

Ranging from single room accomodation to hotels with accomodation distributed over wide areas, we can keep your customers connected and entertained.

Social Connect

A B&B situated in the scenic Tulbagh vineyards is using Social Connect to allow guests to easily connect to WiFi, enabling them to Facebook to all their friends about the fantastic holiday they’re having and the delightful venue. At the same time they are kept informed / reminded of checkout times and informative messages such as "what’s for breakfast today" pop up on their login screens when they connect in the mornings. In addition management of the connection through Social Connect ensures the establishment protection against individual guests downloading movies or clogging up the network and impacting on the WiFi experience of other guests.

Social Connect Plus

The owners of a four roomed accommodation venue, often frequented by repeat weekend visitors, wanted a way to communicate to their regular clientele the upcoming specials. They decided to use Social Connect Plus which not only allows effective management of their internet for the guests, but also gives them the ability to send out a monthly newsletter to all their visitors with info and specials for the coming month.

Social Connect Pro

In the picturesque Swartland, a historical 15 bedroom boutique hotel is using Social Connect Pro to offer their guests a variety of value added services. SCP ensures guests of an effective WiFi signal throughout all areas of the hotel premises, as well as a consistent internet experience thanks to the connectivity management. In addition the hotel is able to send out a welcome email to guests as they arrive detailing the available facilities and / or programs for hotel wide activities such as weddings and conferences, as well as updating them of any specials and services on offer during their stay. The facility to send trickle feed surveys to guests throughout their stay and automated feedback mails on departure allows the hotel proprietor to gather useful customer data and valuable feedback.