Tourism Bodies

Regardless of the size of your Tourism office, you want every visitor to your special corner of the world to leave with a wealth of relevant information, memorable experiences and a desire to come back and do what they didn’t have time to do on this visit. We can make that possible.

Social Connect

Social Connect gives local tourism boards the opportunity to promote local trade with a hearty country welcome and at the same time build a database of visitors to their regions. With each new connection in the given town, an automated introduction email is sent out welcoming the visitor to the area and offering them a general overview of the products, services and activities offered by local businesses affiliated to that tourism board. A win / win situation for both parties.

Social Connect Pro

Give your event or festival the edge by using Social Connect Pro to offer a cohesive digital experience to festival goers. Thanks to SCP, attendees at a popular annual country festival are able to log in using WiFi and email (including a tailor made SMS registration option) to receive maps and programs detailing festival attractions, all while they’re waiting in the queues or before they even arrive at the venue. Users are led through a staggered series of randomised questions (only one per login) which allows for a rich profile of attendees and preferences to be built. The festival database grows astoundingly each year and enables the tourism board to engage in increasingly effective communication with future attendees of this and other local events.