While Waiting

Medical waiting rooms, supermarket queues, reception areas - wherever you have customers waiting for service you have a captive audience waiting to be entertained. We can help your business to take full advantage of this marketing and PR opportunity and at the same time keep your customers happily occupied during their wait.

Social Connect

Realising that her clients often arrive before their appointment times, a progressive small town hairdresser decided to utilise Social Connect so her customers could be kept busy while waiting, not only for the appointment but also while the different treatments were waiting to complete. What she never expected was the resulting increase in business from friends of her customers after they used their free WiFi to brag about where they were and that they were getting spoiled.

Social Connect Plus

A country doctor's practice uses Social Connect Plus in their waiting area. Given that it’s not only patients in the waiting room (it is also family members or whoever brought the patient) the practice newsletter has grown exceptional quickly and his monthly communications regarding health tips / upcoming flu injections are generating a steady stream of additional visits. He also has far less grumbling in the waiting room, everyone is being kept busy on their phones using the WiFi while they’re waiting to be seen.

Social Connect Pro

*Disclaimer - this one is still in the works, but will be finalised soon. Watch this space

A national fast food chain observed that customers were getting restless at busy times when waiting in queues before ordering. They’re primarily looking to deploy Social Connect Pro so that customers are kept busy while waiting, and at the same time they’re turning that connection process into one which shows customers the ever changing special of the day, with the ability to change it should they ever run out of stock. With Social Connect Pro providing opt-in newsletter functionality they’re looking forward to their email database growing faster than ever.