The BFound team is passionate about helping small businesses and towns to achieve their full potential and we like to take a personal approach.

Our digital marketing solutions enable you to create personal and lasting connections with your customers, be they local regulars or casual tourists just passing through.

The benefit to your business and town of connected, informed and engaged customers is that they tend to:

  • Do more
  • Visit more frequently
  • Arrive in larger groups
And spend more...Our approach is based on three primary components



Connect With Your Customers - We change your WiFi connection into a versatile marketing tool that can promote your business to existing and potential customers, both those actually on the premises as well as passers by.

Social Connect Pro


Engage Your Community - We offer a variety of products to help you increase your online visibility and provide the resources needed to build a community of interested and engaged followers.

Social News


Grow Your Revenue - We help you grow your customer base (and revenue) by ensuring that you are visible to locals and visitors to your town, as well as to a wider radius of potential customers who are likely to take advantage of what you offer.

Book an appointment with us so we can give you an overview of our products and tailor a solution to best fit your needs.