Social Connect

Social Connect enables you to use WiFi to promote your business / daily specials to existing and potential customers, simplify and manage customer connectivity and grow your social media following.

Typically used by businesses such as -

  • small accommodation venues
  • cafés
  • small restaurants
  • coffee shops
  • petrol stations
  • small waiting areas

Package components -

  • Visibly alert customers to WiFi availability
  • Ensure ease of WiFi access
  • Manage the WiFi connection to guard against misuse (manage data limits, connection speed, connection length and connection operating hours)
  • Promote your business' daily specials
  • Direct users to your social media page to grow your online following

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No matter which category your business falls under, we have a product suitable for your specialised needs -

Places to sleep

A B&B situated in the scenic Tulbagh vineyards is using Social Connect to allow guests to easily connect to WiFi, enabling them to Facebook to all their friends about the fantastic holiday they’re having and the delightful venue. At the same time they are kept informed / reminded of checkout times and informative messages such as "what’s for breakfast today" pop up on their login screens when they connect in the mornings. In addition management of the connection through Social Connect ensures the establishment protection against individual guests downloading movies or clogging up the network and impacting on the WiFi experience of other guests.

Places to eat

At one of the many inviting and relaxed eateries based in the charming country village of Riebeek Kasteel, Social Connect is enabling the owner to inform diners of the current specials as they sit down and log on the establishment's WiFi. Updating specials between sittings is as easy as taking a picture of the specials board and emailing it. Voila, 10 seconds later an image of the current board is popping up on screens throughout the restaurant. As not everyone in Riebeek Kasteel offers WiFi, this restaurant has also experienced an increase in traffic from customers visiting surrounding businesses. After logging on to the WiFi and seeing the current specials pop up on their screens, many a hungry passer by has wandered in to enjoy a delicious lunch.

Places to play

Antique shops, boardrooms, museums, horse riding activities - no matter how diverse the range, our marketing tools make it easy for visitors to digitally share the activities and products they are experiencing at your business - thereby increasing your online exposure and driving online sales. The addition of regular newsletters gives you the added opportunity to keep visitors interested and informed even after they've left your premises.

While waiting

Realising that her clients often arrive before their appointment times, a progressive small town hairdresser decided to utilise Social Connect so her customers could be kept busy while waiting, not only for the appointment but also while the different treatments were waiting to complete. What she never expected was the resulting increase in business from friends of her customers after they used their free WiFi to brag about where they were and that they were getting spoiled.

Tourism bodies

Social Connect gives local tourism boards the opportunity to promote local trade with a hearty country welcome and at the same time build a database of visitors to their regions. With each new connection in the given town, an automated introduction email is sent out welcoming the visitor to the area and offering them a general overview of the products, services and activities offered by local businesses affiliated to that tourism board. A win / win situation for both parties.