Social Connect Pro

Social Connect Pro uses WiFi to promote your business / daily specials to existing and potential customers, simplify and manage customer connectivity and grow your social media following as well as to get customer feedback (survey) at the point of login. In addition it provides businesses with a unique way to grow their internal databases with “opt in” users. You can utilise our newsletter platform up to twice a month to engage in meaningful communication with customers or simply add the new users into your existing communication / newsletter mechanism.

Ideal for individual (single location) businesses that are digital marketing aware such as -

  • estate agents
  • wine estates
  • large accommodation venues
  • tourism bodies
  • large and medium businesses with reception areas or boardrooms
  • businesses who regularly update their customers

Package components -

  • Visibly alert customers to WiFi availability
  • Ensure ease of WiFi access - Tailored to the needs of your business
    • Option of SMS verification on receipt of mobile number
    • Option of password access
  • Manage the WiFi connection to guard against misuse (manage data limits, connection speed, connection length and connection operating hours)
  • Promote your business / daily specials
  • Direct users to your social media page to grow your online following
  • Gain access to user contact details - Terms & Conditions managed here
  • Send a "Welcome Mail" describing your business to new users
  • Generate customer feedback through a survey engine
  • Communicate with your audience via an industrial strength newsletter up to twice a month

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No matter which category your business falls under, we have a product suitable for your specialised needs -

Places to sleep

In the picturesque Swartland, a historical 15 bedroom boutique hotel is using Social Connect Pro to offer their guests a variety of value added services. SCP ensures guests of an effective WiFi signal throughout all areas of the hotel premises, as well as a consistent internet experience thanks to the connectivity management. In addition the hotel is able to send out a welcome email to guests as they arrive detailing the available facilities and / or programs for hotel wide activities such as weddings and conferences, as well as updating them of any specials and services on offer during their stay. The facility to send trickle feed surveys to guests throughout their stay and automated feedback mails on departure allows the hotel proprietor to gather useful customer data and valuable feedback.

Places to eat

A successful national coffee shop franchise (with branches in Dullstroom, Oudtshoorn, George, Paarl and Riebeek Kasteel) is using Social Connect Pro to give customers a consistent digital experience, from the welcome mail first time visitors receive through to the monthly mails sent encouraging online purchases. An added benefit of SCP is that previously registered customers visiting anyother branch in the chain have one click access to that specific shop's WiFi, and they can be kept informed of the relevant shop's current specials. Branches are able to effortlessly update specials as often as make sense to them in a day, all from the Barrista’s mobile phone.

Places to play

A well know financial services provider in the aeronautical sector is using Social Connect Pro to maximum effect. Using SCP WiFi connectivity is offered in the crew lounges of 17 airports around the country and the system is configured in such a way that with each new connection the email address and verified mobile number of the new user, along with their answers to a categorisation survey, are forwarded to the the relevant management staff, enabling them to effectively allocate potential customers to their sales team.

Imagine being able to deliver your business brochure to each and every visitor to your boardroom or waiting room and furthermore being able to keep them up to date with news as and when needed. SCP's newsletter tool which magically grows with customer visits and effectively manages subscribes and unsubscribes, makes that possible.

While waiting

*Disclaimer - this one is still in the works, but will be finalised soon. Watch this space

A national fast food chain observed that customers were getting restless at busy times when waiting in queues before ordering. They’re primarily looking to deploy Social Connect Pro so that customers are kept busy while waiting, and at the same time they’re turning that connection process into one which shows customers the ever changing special of the day, with the ability to change it should they ever run out of stock. With Social Connect Pro providing opt-in newsletter functionality they’re looking forward to their email database growing faster than ever.

Tourism bodies

Give your event or festival the edge by using Social Connect Pro to offer a cohesive digital experience to festival goers. Thanks to SCP, attendees at a popular annual country festival are able to log in using WiFi and email (including a tailor made SMS registration option) to receive maps and programs detailing festival attractions, all while they’re waiting in the queues or before they even arrive at the venue. Users are led through a staggered series of randomised questions (only one per login) which allows for a rich profile of attendees and preferences to be built. The festival database grows astoundingly each year and enables the tourism board to engage in increasingly effective communication with future attendees of this and other local events.