Social Connect Plus

Social Connect Plus uses WiFi to promote your business / daily specials to existing and potential customers, simplify and manage customer connectivity and grow your social media following. In addition it provides businesses with an opportunity to engage in meaningful communication with customers using our newsletter platform to communicate directly with your audience once a month.

Ideal for individual (single location) businesses such as -

  • restaurants
  • medium sized accommodation venues
  • activity venues
  • doctors rooms
  • small businesses

Package components -

  • Visibly alert customers to WiFi availability
  • Ensure ease of WiFi access - Tailored to the needs of your business
    • Option of SMS verification on receipt of mobile number
    • Option of password access
  • Manage the WiFi connection to guard against misuse (manage data limits, connection speed, connection length and connection operating hours)
  • Promote your business / daily specials
  • Direct users to your social media page to grow your online following
  • Communicate with your audience via an industrial strength newsletter once a month

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No matter which category your business falls under, we have a product suitable for your specialised needs -

Places to sleep

The owners of a four roomed accommodation venue, often frequented by repeat weekend visitors, wanted a way to communicate to their regular clientele the upcoming specials. They decided to use Social Connect Plus which not only allows effective management of their internet for the guests, but also gives them the ability to send out a monthly newsletter to all their visitors with info and specials for the coming month.

Places to eat

A busy Hermanus tavern wanted a way to keep their loyal (local and out of town) visitors up to date with their monthly music event. Social Connect Plus turned out to be ideal for them simplifying the ability for their customers to connect when they visited, seeing the specials as they walked through the door on their mobile devices and their customers receive the monthly program via mail, something all of us check every single day at least once.

Places to play

One of our treasured museums has an active events calendar and needed a way to keep their regular visitors up to date with what as on the go. Social Connect Plus captured the bulk of their visitors (young and old, who can not bypass the lure of Free WiFi) and not only are they able to keep their regular visitors up to date with the month's happenings, but they’re busier than ever as more people are receiving the program.

While waiting

A country doctor's practice uses Social Connect Plus in their waiting area. Given that it’s not only patients in the waiting room (it is also family members or whoever brought the patient) the practice newsletter has grown exceptional quickly and his monthly communications regarding health tips / upcoming flu injections are generating a steady stream of additional visits. He also has far less grumbling in the waiting room, everyone is being kept busy on their phones using the WiFi while they’re waiting to be seen.

Tourism bodies

Social Connect gives local tourism boards the opportunity to promote local trade with a hearty country welcome and at the same time build a database of visitors to their regions. With each new connection in the given town, an automated introduction email is sent out welcoming the visitor to the area and offering them a general overview of the products, services and activities offered by local businesses affiliated to that tourism board. A win / win situation for both parties.