our Story

Our Story

At BFound we love small town living, we love authentic experiences, we love personal connections.

Our business was founded in 2014 by two friends both enjoying village life in small towns in the Western Cape. Steve is a technology dreamer now living in Stanford after a technology career which has taken him to almost every continent. Geoff, a developer extraordinaire with international experience in constructing industrial grade platforms, resides in Simon's Town.

We both love our families, our pets and the small towns we live in, and we wanted to put our combined experience into helping local friends with businesses to improve the digital visibility of the services and products they offer.

That’s how it started, friends helping friends, … helping visitors / future friends experience the places we love as intimately as if they were locals living in a village. And from that humble passion has sprung the business that today is BFound.

Not only do our customers, and their customers, love what we deliver - but our business model also results in new job creation in an ever increasing number of small towns around the Western Cape.

We are proud of that.
And we LOVE what we do :)